The CEPPA Foundation, Center for Peace Studies

In February 1990, the Center for Peace Studies Foundation (CEPPA) invited the MSc. Priscilla Prutzman, director of the Creative Response to Conflict (CRC) program in the United States, to train her officials and other guests in the innovative program. A few months later, MSc. Martha Moss (qdDg), who lived in Monteverde, Puntarenas, trained us in the Alternative to Violence Program (AVP), including Social Adaptation officials. We use this program especially in prisons and with highly vulnerable populations, in Costa Rica and in many other countries. This has given us exceptional experience in training teachers, professors and people at social risk.

For reasons that have not yet been established, it is very possible that direct and cultural violence has increased significantly in Costa Rica, to which is added the sexual abuse of children and adolescents (NNA). According to some analysts, the COVID-19 pandemic, the lack of employment, drugs, and the lack of adequate food may be the triggers for this situation. The truth is that reports of incidents in schools and colleges abound on a daily basis.

Cultural violence can only be transformed with programs whose activities are carefully scheduled, such as the RCC/PAV, hence the success we have in 66 countries around the world. The CEPPA Foundation has the necessary tools and experience to cover these trainings, including a self defense course facilitated by Erik Erikson, a true master of this art. In that order of ideas, we invite you to select a group of municipal officials, volunteers, teachers, representatives of organizations, especially dedicated to children, the elderly and the like.

Fundación CEPPA - Centro de Estudios para la paz

Celine Garcia. Alternative to Violence Program.